Wednesday, February 18, 2015

What about the rind?

Many people look at our cheese and see so much rind in the package and see it as waste.  Our rinds are completely edible.  The children on the farm beg for rind when we are cutting cheese.  I describe it as "cheese jerky".  The taste is only slightly different from the cheese itself and the texture is chewier.

If you aren't brave enough to eat the rind outright the best suggestion I have is to grate it like a Parmesan.  Use it in soups, salads, over popcorn, or in recipes in the exact same way.  I had a customer in the shop try grated rind in her pizza crust recipe and loved the results.  She now looks for cheese wedges with lots of rind.

So next time you buy our cheese and see the rind, think of the possibilities...

Angela ~ The Cheese Shop Mafia

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