Friday, February 6, 2015

A Little Something Special

The time has almost arrived!!! As of the 28th of this month we will be releasing a new cheese. This cheese will be like no other cheese we are currently selling. The cheese is special for several reasons; we created our own cultures, put the curds through a different making process and we age it for an extended period of time. Our cultures were made from the wonderful, naturally occurring bacteria that raw milk offers. Once the cultures are strong enough we add them to the liquid milk just like the other cultures used for our other cheeses. After the milk is allowed to warm up and coagulate we cut the curds and begin to stir. After three exciting hours of stirring the curds, they have become very dense and are now dry enough to achieve the texture we are looking for. From here we add the salt directly to the curds and fill the molds. Since this cheese is very special to the farm, we let it age one full year before it is ready for sale. Luckily for you, our customers, that birthday is rapidly approaching. Please come out to the farm and try this amazing cheese for yourself.

Cheese Maker Evan


  1. You are holding back the name of the cheese?

  2. We just did a preview sampling and it's Crofters! It will be available on February 28!