Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Tis the season... In 60 days.

Monday was a very special day in the cheese making room. We were blessed to have a group of culinary students from the Secchia Institute for Culinary Education join us. To add to the excitement we were going to be making our seasonal fall cheese; Cherry Christmas. The idea behind Cherry Christmas was to use flavors that remind us of the fall and winter holidays. When I think Thanksgiving thoughts of sage stuffing and cranberry sauce fill my head. Unfortunately cranberries, sage and Gouda do not pair well but cherries compliment the flavors perfectly. We were also able to keep with the holiday theme by using red cherries and green sage to give the appearance of a festive Christmas wheel. After a grueling 60 day aging process this sweet, salty and savory treat will be ready just in time for your holiday meals. On November 22nd come to the store and see just how cherry your Christmas can be.

Cheese Maker Evan

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

FDA Does Not Prohibit Wood Shelves

Recently there has been much hoopla over the FDA's stance on the use of wooden shelving for the aging of cheeses.  Many of our customers have asked how this is effecting us since we only use oak shelving. The FDA was concerned that you can not completely clean a wood shelf of bacteria and mold that are essential to the aging of cheese.  I've attached an article that has just been published by the Michigan Farm News in which the FDA clearly states that they do not prohibit wooden shelves after all.  I just want to thank you all for your support of us in this matter.

~Angela~The Cheese Shop Mafia

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Today I got to experience one of my favorite aspects of my job.  I got to play tour guide.  I love to tell people about our farm, our family, and our cheeses.  

The tour starts with watching Evan performing his magic.  Today Evan made Edam with Dill.  I explained the steps it takes for the milk to become cheese.  We watched as Evan stirs the milk and as he drains the whey.  We were able to watch him hoop the curds and place the weights on the molds.

After the cheese shop portion of the tour we headed out for the wagon ride.  Luke drove our group out to the pastures where the dairy herd is.  He answered questions about the herd; their diet, behavior, and health.  I love this peaceful time.  If everyone is quiet the only sound is the ripping of grass and chewing.  The lovely ladies of the herd are not shy and some are even brave and curious enough to approach the wagon.  Our cows are very photogenic.  Luke's sharp eyes spotted two small black ears above the grass.  There nestled down was a few day old calf.  He skipped away when Luke came near.

Back at the cheese shop we ended with sampling cheese.  Young Edam and Aged Edam.  It's fun to explore what the aging process does to taste and texture.  I answered any last questions and the group graciously agreed to pose for a picture.  

~Angela, The Cheese Shop Mafia


Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Say Cheese!!

Welcome everybody to the new Cheesy Bites blog. We will be posting on the new blog site frequently to keep our customers up to date on anything new in the shop. In the future we also hope to include our favorite cheese recipes, cheese making tips, photos, and pretty much anything else cheese related.
The day has finally arrived; we are proud to introduce some new cheeses. After 365 long days we now have our award winning Reserve Cheddar AND Sharp Edam. With the extended aging period the cheese has had time to develop amazing flavor and characteristics. They feature a more sharp and complex flavor, along with a much drier texture. Please stop in and see the full effects of aging cheese for a whole year.