Friday, May 1, 2015

Touring Grassfields

We receive a lot of questions about touring Grassfields Cheese.  We love to tell people about what we do here.  There are a couple different ways to tour our farm.

First, we welcome you to just stop by.  You can walk around a bit and enjoy the fresh country air and famous farm smells.  Come into the farm store and one of us will be happy to talk to you about the cheese making process.  You'll probably also learn a little Meerman family history, too.

Second, you can schedule a group tour.  This is great for homeschoolers, senior centers, classrooms, scouts, family reunions.  Just email me at and we can work on getting something scheduled.  You can ask to have a cheese making going on, the cost is $4.00 per person with a $40 minimum.  You will see a cheese making and we will talk about the cheese making process and what goes into making our fantastic cheeses.  There will be samples to try.  We will also take you by wagon out to our fields where you can see our ladies in their element, enjoying our fresh grass.  You will hear a bit about why we exclusively grass-feed.  If you would prefer a tour without a scheduled cheese making the cost is $3.00 per person, $30 minimum, and you still get the wagon ride, samples, and talk about cheese making.

Lastly, we have scheduled a couple of dates for public tours.  Come to the farm 9:30 on June 20th to see cheese making and take a wagon ride out to our fields.  You will hear about what we do and how we do it.  The cost is $3 a person.  On August 15th we will be having our 13th anniversary and there will be cheese making and wagon rides that day also.

The pictures are from the tour we gave today for a group of homeschoolers.

Angela~The Cheese Shop Mafia

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