Wednesday, November 19, 2014

An Invitation to Play

     We don't have many staff meetings here at Grassfields.  Two or three of us might get our heads together over one issue or another but not everyone.  Yesterday was different.  Luke introduced the idea of food pairings.  He spread on the desk crackers, strawberry jam, peach-apricot jam, prosciutto, salami, apple slices, Gouda, Lamont Cheddar, and Fait Gras.
    "This is all about flavor pairings," Luke said, "What do you think goes together?  What goes well with each cheese?"  Cheese Maker Evan, our trained chef, said that this was subjective and to experiment.
    Luke, Evan, Vicky, Necia, and I started to play.  It was interesting to see what each person thought went together.  For me, who has the sophisticated palate of a toddler, this was beyond my comfort zone.  I'm a huge supporter of divided plates and no foods touching.  I started off safe with a cracker, prosciutto , and Gouda.  I watched as others tried crackers, jam, and cheese.  Someone tried an apple slice, salami, and Lamont Cheddar.  I found that I really liked peach jam on a cracker with prosciutto and Gouda.  Somehow the news that we were feasting spread around the farm and soon Sue, Chaeli, and Esther joined us.  Everyone had something different that they liked and wanted everyone else to try.  
     Food pairings are exploring flavors.  So what's your favorite Grassfields Cheese and what do you pair it with?

Angela~The Cheese Shop Mafia

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