Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Today I got to experience one of my favorite aspects of my job.  I got to play tour guide.  I love to tell people about our farm, our family, and our cheeses.  

The tour starts with watching Evan performing his magic.  Today Evan made Edam with Dill.  I explained the steps it takes for the milk to become cheese.  We watched as Evan stirs the milk and as he drains the whey.  We were able to watch him hoop the curds and place the weights on the molds.

After the cheese shop portion of the tour we headed out for the wagon ride.  Luke drove our group out to the pastures where the dairy herd is.  He answered questions about the herd; their diet, behavior, and health.  I love this peaceful time.  If everyone is quiet the only sound is the ripping of grass and chewing.  The lovely ladies of the herd are not shy and some are even brave and curious enough to approach the wagon.  Our cows are very photogenic.  Luke's sharp eyes spotted two small black ears above the grass.  There nestled down was a few day old calf.  He skipped away when Luke came near.

Back at the cheese shop we ended with sampling cheese.  Young Edam and Aged Edam.  It's fun to explore what the aging process does to taste and texture.  I answered any last questions and the group graciously agreed to pose for a picture.  

~Angela, The Cheese Shop Mafia


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